A Dream of an Islamic Center where all Muslims regardless of background, culture, race, ethnicity or creed can be traced back to the early Muslims in Denmark. This great Dream was realized by 1994 through selfless hard work & endless support of Hojjat ul Islam Haj Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Khademi Son of Late Grand Ayatollah Haj Seyyed Hussein Khademi Esfahani ( RA ) by unification of three Islamic centers of Mohammadiah, Al Mustafa and Lebanese Islamic centers and Mosques into one Imam Ali (AS) Islamic Center and Mosque. Hojjat ul Islam Haj Seyyed Khademi’s hard selfless work was rewarded with special aide support of Grand Islamic Authorities and local people, which resulted in a 3000 m2 building space right off of Norrebro. Our new Mosque located at Vibevej 27, Greater Copenhagen will be fully functional and at your service by 2014.

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