The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The worst halal before God is divorce.”

If couples have come to the conclusion that it is not possible for them to continue living together, they can come to this center with required documents and by a preset appointment, and receive a valid divorce certificate after doing Islamic divorce.

It should be noted that the only center authorized to grant this certificate, according to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is the Imam Ali Center.

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 9 am – 8 pm
Telephone: 38100075 – 38100078

Required Documents:
1. Danish Divorce Letter
2. Original of the birth certificates of couples
3. Original of Danish passports of couples or any passport with which they reside in Denmark + residence card
4. Health card
5. 1,800 DKK (It can be paid via mobilePay).

The copies of the above documents must be submitted to the following email address in the form of scanned files up to 48 hours before the scheduled appointment time, otherwise it will not be possible to grant an official divorce letter. The original documents must be presented in person.

[email protected]

لینک کوتاه: http://imamalimoske.dk/en/ST2Nl

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