The Imam Of The Mosque

The Imam of the mosque is Sayyid Mohammad Mahdi Khademi Sadr who was is born on the 22nd of March 1962 in Isfahan-Iran. His father the late grand Ayatullah Sayyid Husain Khademi Sadr was one of the top high ranking scholars of his time in Iran.

Sayyid Mohammad Mahdi left his hometown to the holy city of Qom in 1978 to study in the Islamic seminary. He lived 24 years in Qom where he accomplished the highest level of Islamic studies under great Shi’a scholars such as the late: Ayatollah Eshtehardi, Ayatollah Sotoude, Ayatollah E’temadi, Ayatollah Fadel Lankarani, Ayatollah Wahid Khorasani, Ayatollah Jawadi, Ayatollah Makarem, and Ayatollah Subhani until he obtained the level of Ijtihad which is equal to a doctorate in Islamic Law. Whilst studying in Qom he also tutored and taught Islamic studies for over 14 years.

Sayyid Khademi was posted to Denmark in 2001 where he established the biggest Islamic Centre named ‘Imam Ali Islamic Centre’. Since its establishment Sayyid Khademi has been the head of the Centre representing the highest ranked jurists to serve the local community in Denmark.

Some of the compilations of Sayyid Khademi include:

1. Artificial insemination in the Islamic law (Ph.D. Thesis)

2. Modern issues in the Holy Qur’an: Chapters: The Cow, The Family of Imran, and The Women. Published by Ansariyan Publications-Qom, Iran

3.  Monotheism and Polytheism in the Holy Qur’an.

4. Denmark; a country smaller than the size of Tehran. 1996

5. Legal proposals on Verses of Hijab in the Holy Qur’an and indications for prayer times.

6. Treaties on life after death, and the sins of the tongue

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