Effectiveness of Quran Tune on memory in children

Whereas various studies have been done to discover effectiveness of music on memory, few researches have applied about the Quran tune as rhythmic music to improve memory performance. The present study examined the effect of Quran tune on students’ memory. The study method was experimental with pre-test, post-test and control group. School was selected conveniently, but the subjects randomly among girls, grade 5. In order to evaluate the memory of subjects, Wechsler’s digit span and alphabet succession tests (version 4) were applied. First we gave both tests to students, and then we Quran tune was played to them for 15 minutes using headphones, finally the two tests were applied once more. This procedure was done in control group with the exception that no tune was played during 15 minutes. The control subjects were monitored not to do any effective or intervening activity to influence memory. Data were analyzed using t-Test. The research findings indicated that Quran group was significantly different from control group in terms of digit span (p<0.001) as well as alphabet succession (p<0.001).  

Memory is an important factor in learning (Masoura, 2006) and defects in memory functions such as disarray in short term and working memories and mild deficits in  decoding, cognitive and meta cognitive strategies lead to learning disabilities(Lerner,2003. Taroyan, Nicolson & Fawcett, 2007). Memory is a mental system that serves to store and process information for a series of complicated cognitive tasks like understanding, thinking, computing, reasoning and learning (Baddeley, 1986) Music comprehension is a captivating activity of human mind. Music is combination of melodies and making sound in order to make beauty or expressing the feelings (Hockett, 1960). Today, many researches all over the word study the music and its neurophysiologic effects. In psychology realm, music is considered as a kind of language that has specific areas in mind. Therefore, these areas will be activated by hearing a harmonic melody (Fitch, 2006). Music has had a positive effect on memory of patients suffering from Alzheimer (Whitley, 2002). There is a connection between cognition and music (Lipe, 1995, Cash, 1997, Corkerton, Morros, Norman.1997) Also, systematic and regulated teaching of music is effective in memory processing (Chiho and Chun, 2003).  Short term memory functioning works better by using auditory rhythmic stimulus in comparison to visual ones (Collier & Logan, 2000). In a study, Kholfi, Bayan Zade, Mohammadi and Shafaroudi (1384) showed that music therapy was effective in increasing attention and memory scores. Silverman came to this conclusion that music is surprisingly effective in suppressing and encountering symptoms of severe mental retardation. Cecato, Caneva and Lamonaca (2006) investigated the possible effectiveness of specific protocol of music therapy and specific performance of attention and memory in schizophrenic patients.  The results indicated that patients who benefited from specific protocol music therapy had significant improvements in Wechsler memory scores and life skills. There are evidences showing the effect of music on learning improvement (chikahisa, et al., 2006). Learning music has correlation with music learning and IQ raises (Schellenberg, 2004). The effects of music on memory, attention, spatial, mathematical and reading abilities children are known. (Ulfarsdottir & Erwin, 1999). In addition music leads to students’ improvements in school performances (Gardiner, Fox, Jeffrey, 1996). Since harmonic melody of Quran as music has rhythm, it can affect some areas of mind. Therefore, in this study the effectiveness of Quran melody as a kind of harmonic music on memory has been investigated. Little research has been done on the effects of Quran and most of them are about the effects of music on memory. Therefore, this study focuses just on the impacts of Quran on memory.

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