In the name of Allah,

The Imam Ali Mosque wishes to emphasize its willingness to cooperate and present its guidelines on health and the recommendations of the National Board of Health. The mosque asks all its members and worshipers who are infected with coronavirus (Covid-19) or doubt that they have been infected to refrain from entering the mosque, as it will result in many of its programs being canceled and a minimization of the programs will occur including Friday prayers, joint prayers, teaching, events, etc. Members must ensure regular good hygiene, hand disinfecting hands before and after the visit. The worshipers must bring the bedstone themselves, and the female worshipers must provide bed covers themselves to avoid infection. We ask the visitors to the mosque – respected Muslims as well as non-Muslims – not to visit the mosque if they are infected or have doubts that they have been infected to avoid the spread of infection.

In conclusion, you are welcome to instruct and make suggestions so that we can best handle this difficult situation.
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The administration of the Imam Ali Mosque

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