Unfortunately, these days we are facing a possible crisis as the Corona virus has come to our little Denmark. Therefore, we would like to ask you all to consider the following three points:

1. Remember to follow all the advice of the National Board of Health, which is on the poster below. It is important to remember that it is not only about ourselves and whether or not we can handle the flu, but also people around us who we would have done wrong in the event of infecting them because we do not took our precautions and did not follow the advice of the health board.

2. Crisis times like this one are a good opportunity to strengthen the community through compassion and mercy, as a virus does not discriminate. Therefore, use the opportunity to remember all the sick in your prayers, and try to make a difference to them whenever possible, even if only in the form of a polite message to a sick person, to give them hope. .

3. It is always easy to say that you are a believer, but it is in times of crisis like this that you will really be able to sense whether, even in difficult times, you have the inner calm that you should have in every situation. Therefore, do not allow yourself to be weakened and paralyzed, and keep your head cold so that you can be a source of hope and tranquility for others, in a time of need. With the wish for success and a healthy health for all of you! PLEASE SHARE!

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