Eid al-Mab’ath

Eid al-Mab’ath

 Biʿtha means selection of prophet by God for guidance of people. The Prophet Muhammad (s) in the age of forty in the Hira’ cave in Mount Nur (close to Mecca) has been chosen as prophet and the first verses of Qur’an 96 has been revealed to him. The Bi’tha, according to Shiite point of view, was the beginning of Islam and occurred in Rajab 27, 13 lunar years before Hijra (June 25, 610) which was the 20th year of Khusru Parwiz’s government in Iran. There are other opinions which believe that Bi’tha was in 17th or 18th of the month of Ramadan or in one day of Rabi’ II, nonetheless Shi’a believes in first idea. Mab’ath (day of Bi’tha) is a great even in all Islamic countries and among all Islamic denominations and in this day all Muslims have celebration with their special cultures.

Bi’tha of the Prophet (s) has occurred when he was forty and there is a less known opinion that it has occurred when he was 43. The origin of these different ideas related to the different understandings of the meaning of Bi’tha, some believes that criteria of being prophet is receiving the first verse and others believe that the first public invite is the criteria of being prophet. When the Prophet (s) was in the Hira’ cave in the Nur Mountain busy by contemplating and praying, he received first verses of Qur’an 96:

And later, the revelation was continued by the first verses of the Qur’an 74. He told about his prophethood first to his wife Khadija (a) and his cousin ‘Ali (a). For three years the Prophet (s) didn’t invite people in public, rather he would invite secretly and the new Muslims would perform religious acts in secret.

By the revelation of this verse his mission became public and for the first time the prophet (s) declared his divine call in the ‘Ukaz bazaar where people were gathered for trade and some of them had a session for new poems and different stories and he asked all for their attention and stated his divine message.

On that day Abu Lahab ridiculed the Prophet (s) and some joined him in making fun of the prophet (s) but Abu Talib advocated the Prophet (s) and punished them. Few people believed in Prophet (s) and were added to those who have believed in the concealed era of his mission. 


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