The Second Imam,The Fourth Infallible.

The Second Imam Imam al-Hasan (as) is the son of Amir al-Mu’minin ‘Ali b. Abi Talib (as) and Fatimah Zahra (as), the best of women, and daughter of the Holy Prophet (S).

Imam al-Hasan (as) was born in Medina on the eve of Ramadan 15, in the year 3 A.H. He was the first son born to ‘Ali (as) and Fatimah (as).

The Holy Prophet (S) took hold of him right after his birth and recited adhan in his right ear, and iqama in the left one. Then, he sacrificed a sheep for him, cut short his hair and gave its equivalent weight in silver – a bit more than a dirham – to the poor.

The Prophet (S) had his head perfumed; and since then the rituals of sacrificing a sheep (‘aqiqa) and giving alms equal to the weight of the head hair of the newly born babies became a tradition. He named this baby Hasan, a name which had been unprecedented in Jahiliyya (during pagan period). He was also given his only patronymic, Abu Muhammad.

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