Significance of Friday in Islam

Significance of Friday in Islam


Friday or Jumuʿa (Arabic: جُمُعَة) is the seventh day of Islamic week which is of high importance in the Islamic culture with respect to worships, for Islamic jurisprudence and in social respects. In religious sources, there are special practices, such as ritual bath (ghusl) and Friday prayer on this day of week. According to some hadiths, many important events have occurred or are going to occur on Friday. In the Islamic culture, Friday is specially honored. Though it is not a weekend or a day off in some Islamic countries, daily activities on this day in those countries are only half-active. In fact, unlike the day-off of Saturday for Jews, that of Friday for Muslims does not mean that they stop all the activities; it is only that it counts as a day for worships. Friday is honored not only by the religious culture, but also by the common culture, and it sometimes counts as a good or bad omen of many activities.


Contrary to Saturdays (sabt or Shabbat) for Jews, Friday has never been a completely inactive day or day of complete rest following the divine rest after the creation of the world (in accordance with the old Testament). Fridays were off in the Islamic tradition in order to provide an opportunity for worships (especially Friday Prayer and its addenda), reinforcing the emerging religious identity of the early Islamic community in virtue of repetition. The day-off on Fridays led to other sorts of gathering, such as celebrations, recreations, and recovery, again helping reinforce the notion of the Islamic community. Thus Fridays were off in Islam in order for people to have more time for Friday Prayers that took rather much time. Fridays were, nonetheless, still as active and alive as the other days of the week.


There are many books authored with regard to the virtues, traditions and practices of Friday, and some chapters or sections of some other books have been devoted to this. Below is a list of some of this work:

  • al-Khisalby al-Shaykh al-Saduq.
  • Jamal al-Usbu’(the beauty of the week) by Sayyid b. Tawus.
  • Khasa’is yawm al-jumu’a(on the virtues of Friday) by al-Shahid al-Thani.
  • Nur al-lumu’a fi khasa’is al-jumu’a(on the virtues of Friday) by al-Suyuti.
  • Al-‘Arus fi khasa’is yawm al-jumu’a wa fada’ilih(on the virtues of Friday) by Ja’far b. Ahmad al-Qummi.
  • Abwab al-Jannat fi a’mal al-jumu’a(on the practices of Friday) by Ahmad Shukr.
  • Al-Asrar al-Muwadda’a fi a’mal yawm al-jumu’a(on the practices of Friday) by Mustafa b. Ibrahim.
  • Al-Tuhfa al-karima fi al-jumu’a al-‘azimaby Khalil Marta.

In Shiite and Sunni sources of hadiths, there are sections concerning Friday, its virtues and its practices.

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