Imam al-Baqir (AS) said:

مثَلُ اَلْحَرِيصِ عَلَى اَلدُّنْيَا كَمَثَلِ دُودَةِ اَلْقَزِّ كُلَّمَا اِزْدَادَتْ عَلَى نَفْسِهَا لَفّاً كَانَ أَبْعَدَ لَهَا مِنَ اَلْخُرُوجِ حَتَّى تَمُوتَ غَمّاً

And example of the one greedy upon the world is like an example of a silkworm. The more it increases (creating silk) around itself, the more remote it gets from the exiting (from it) until it dies in sorrow

Al-Kafi V 2 CH 134

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